Near the place of offerings

I realized something today about location. That’s the mantra of real estate, right? Location, location, location.

Reading in John 8, where Jesus is speaking about the validity of his testimony and the pharisees are challenging his authority to appear as his own witness, there was tucked into a verse something I never noticed.

He spoke these words while teaching in the temple area near the place where the offerings were put. John 8:20

Why was this location mentioned? Why was Jesus teaching next to the offerings? I followed the footnote back to Mark 12:41, where Jesus is again speaking next to the place where offerings were put. In the Mark account, Jesus is noticing the poor widow who offers her two small copper coins. And this footnote told me something interesting about the location:

The temple treasury is located in the court of the women. Both men and women were allowed in this court, but women could go no farther into the temple buildings.

Yes. This was the answer to that niggling question in my head, one of those minor details that tend to trip me up. I believe Jesus was teaching and seated next to the temple treasury not because he wanted to keep a parsimonious eye on who gave what, but because it gave him access to both men and women. This revelation spoke to me about my own locale and area of influence — am I sharing my faith in the venues that reach the most people, regions that include sometimes overlooked populations? What can I do about this?

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2 Responses to Near the place of offerings

  1. Reagan says:

    I have missed your blog!! You hit me right in the heart with this. I am also reading through John. I love that our Savior had all of us in mind…all of us! The Samaritan woman, the bent woman, the demon possessed man. He valued everyone. I’m so convicted.

  2. Jen says:, I’ve missed the blog world! So awesome to hear from you today. :)

    He had all of us in mind – I love how you put this. Thanks so much for coming and adding your voice. –Jen

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