The Year She Knew She Was Loved

Happiest of New Years to all, and blessings of love to you. The new year holds so many possibilities, promises, hopes, expectations.

I’ve always wondered about how the Chinese proclaim a message or theme for each new year, awash in traditions and rituals, based on a complex Chinese calendar and Chinese zodiac. My own quiet celebration and resolution is not so festive, but observed in my own way.

I met a new friend recently, the mother of a friend, actually. She is a small, wizened Hispanic woman who speaks of signs and symbols and prophecies in the most colorful way, and she shared with me that 2012 will be the year the bride knew He loved her. I took this word for myself, as it greatly resonated with me.

The little woman related an anecdote to me, her words tumbling faster than I could catch, of two friends, and one knows she is completely loved by the other and is thus willing to share quite openly and honestly with her companion, with no fear of being taken wrongly or judged harshly and no fear of loss of that friendship because she knows how that love won’t break. This brief narrative was the beginning of my understanding of a powerful message of knowing you are loved and the consequences of that knowledge. I missed some points, I do know, and she knew it, too, and expected that I would.

And that is how it must be between you and God, she declared. When I am completely at rest in the solid, unmovable fact that God loves me, I am willing to take risks, to be utterly vulnerable and honest with Him, to throw myself with abandon into all of Him. And then there can be real relationship.

I’ve pondered, too, the relationship from the other end. If God knows that His bride is completely and passionately in love with Him, then perhaps He has access He didn’t have before? He can open Heaven’s gates and pour down abundant blessings and ravishing love upon the bride that He knows is also unmovable in her love for Him.

And further yet, there are applications in these earthly vessels of husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son, friends, sisters, brothers. You must know the critical nature of this point? Knowing you are deeply loved, oh, there is nothing like it to make for a glorious marriage, friendship, relationship.

2012: The Year She Knew She Was Loved — I hope to share my journey of realizing this.

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6 Responses to The Year She Knew She Was Loved

  1. I like. I look forward to hearing about this journey. You are loved my friend!! Happy New Year!

  2. Reagan says:

    Have you heard Casting Crowns’ Wedding Day? We “brides” carry so much baggage. How could any groom find beauty in me? I am grateful that Jesus did! Sometimes I am overwhelmed by His goodness, especially in my marriage. My man lives out Jesus everyday.

    Happy New Year, Jen! I’ve missed reading your blog!!

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Debi, thank you!

    Reagan, I just listened to the song. Incredibly beautiful, and such a fit for this post. I so appreciate you mentioning it. Maranatha.

  4. heidi says:

    I love the concept but find it so incredible. I would like to walk in that truth too.

  5. Gina says:

    How our lives would be different if we walked in this, what freedom we would have! And what freedom God would have to bestow on us all the treasures he as stored up.

    I pray that you would be able to completely experience the fullest of this….and then I’m anxious for you to share what you’ve learned! :)

    And thank you too, for taking some time with me yesterday. I appreciate your insight and your friendship!

  6. Jen says:

    Heidi, I know, it’s hard to walk in the truth…I say these things and make proclamations and still struggle.

    Gina, Freedom. Yay. ;-)

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