Missing Front Teeth

JoJo lost her tooth

::missing front teeth::sisters::learning to ride::a horse to love::finding expression for your passion::sketching by the lake because your grandma sketches and you’ve inherited her gift::being six and finding a butter knife washed up on shore, treasuring it like you’re in Ancient Egypt and you discovered a king’s tomb::reflections in the water::learning to sense which way the wind’s blowing::cat and dog curled side by side::counting my blessings today.

JJ and JoJo
handling tackle

learning to saddle
she's in love with a horse
JJ sketching at Hagg Lake
grandma sketching at Haystack
the four see themselves
weathervane in Dundee
Riley and Streak, BFF

{Counting One Thousand Gifts~#11-20}

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3 Responses to Missing Front Teeth

  1. Anita says:

    Oh what gorgeous photographs. What an enchanted summer you’re having!

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks Anita ~ summer is getting on over here and the sun is shining and the garden is growing and the skin is browning!

  3. tipper says:

    Love the photos-and the words too : )

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