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My Reflection part 2

Part two of My Reflection in the Pane Glass~more truth about beauty, fear, and freedom revealed in a dream.
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How to Draw a Self-Portrait (and some wisdom from the child)

I think my boy here could give some art lessons on self-portraiture {and life}. 1. Know how many freckles adorn your face and love them all. {Or, love every unique mark the Lord has blessed upon your countenance, and love … Continue reading

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My Reflection in the Dirty Pane Glass

From a child looking wistful into the hazy window frame desperate to see beauty to a woman still seeking but closer to fulfillment: part of my journey.
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Hario, et cetera.

Ethiopia Sidamo prepared Hario style by Sisters Coffee Company made my morning, the best coffee I’ve had. Ever. I loved that Winfield (owner) made it special for me, and with each slow drip I loved seeing him greet everyone that … Continue reading

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The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Maybe the most breath-taking chapter of children’s literature, I respond to the surprise and joy I found in this piece of Wind in the Willows.
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