Spaghetti Squash to Iron Man

Spaghetti squash, baked with butter and brown sugar, is quickly eaten by my girls. I had a heck of a time getting it to the oven, what with my dull knife and its tough skin. What an amazing creation, this squash, right up there with the pomegranate in its ability to make your mouth water and your fingers cramp as you ready it for consumption.

Someone we know is training for a triathlon, and upon reading the nutrition section of Joe Friel’s Triathlete’s Training Bible, he’s been requesting unusual amounts of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. What happened to my meat and potatoes man, his wife wondered? He’s still there, but make it lean, if you please.

Please enjoy this picture of me risking my digits to cut a fresh pineapple in honor of the health conscious athletes in my own family. And do look closely at the bowl, for each and every pomegranate aril was hard fought and I even had to do some research to learn how to de-seed this ancient fruit without ending up in an awful pulpy mess.

Pinapple Pomegranate Salad

I’m actually having fun with with exotic fruits lately, and may have to expand beyond my small town grocer in search of things stranger and wilder. I have the idea that the more bizarre the fruit, the healthier it must be.

Little L Iron ManHere is my little boy’s idea of an Iron Man, versus that world famous triathlon called the Ironman. I do believe I would sooner suit up like him and be Iron Man versus do Ironman. But either way, it’s all good! And fruity. I’ll write to you from Kona someday.

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10 Responses to Spaghetti Squash to Iron Man

  1. Yum, the fruit looks great. I was also admiring your stone (is it a fireplace) as well as your front door. I like to stay active, but do not like such things as marathons, etc- I do admire anyone willing to tackle Iron Man- that takes guts and discipline!

  2. Jen says:

    Jane, yes, that’s our fireplace. Our living room is on the other side of it. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my fruit! I’m with you on the marathon…there was a time in my younger days when I ran races–just 10K–and someday dreamed of a marathon, but really, not any more. I’d like to keep my knees.

  3. Becky says:

    I have never eaten a spaghetti squash or a pomegranate. But a friend texted me the other day, seems she’s the only one in her house that will eat them, so she’s freezing me the leftovers from her meal and bringing it to me to try.
    Now I just need to find a friend who eats pomegranates. LOL

  4. Jen says:

    Becky, I hope you like the leftovers. And you really should try the spaghetti squash & pomegranate fresh someday, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised! I grew the squash in my garden this year, and had great success. I’ve read that pomegranate grow well in the desert, so I think I’ll try it this year!

  5. Becky k says:

    You look great Jen!!! I’m so glad you like your apron, thank you for the message! We need to make plans to come see you guys soon.

  6. Jen says:

    Becky K, thank you, I was hoping you’d stop by!! The bottom pic of me and little guy was taken Christmas morning right after I opened the apron gift. I immediately put it on and loved it at first sight–thank you again for making it, it is SO perfect!! Hope to see y’all soon!

  7. Hi Jen, you are looking great! I love exotic fruits including pomegranates (there’s plenty here in Dubai).

    I’m drooling at the sight of that pineapple. I love that too!

  8. tipper says:

    Love the pics! It’s been a long time since I eat a squash like that-but I like’em : )

  9. Jen says:

    Grace, I wondered if pomegranates grew in Dubai…I knew they originated in the Middle East…lucky you! But wait, Dubai’s pomegranates probably came from Afghanistan and Iran! No matter, they must be amazing!

    Tipper, I wonder what kinds of squash you grow in your garden? I’ll have to sift through your blog and find out!

  10. e-Mom says:

    LOL, too much fun… and you look darling in your apron! Those pomegranate seeds (arils?) are indeed a chore.

    You look very well Jennifer.

    ((Hugs)) e-Mom ღ

    P.S. Hey, come say Hi! at Susannah’s {Kitchen} some time…

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