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Fun with Seeds and Seedlings

Kids will love these hands-on activities relating to how seeds grow, how strong seeds really are, and the importance of the plant’s first leaves.
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But God Is

Hello, friends. I’ve been learning lately about this mysterious property of the God-human relationship: in our weakness, He is strong. I think this concept must be outside of the laws of physics. Shouldn’t a weak link break the chain? Here … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Resurrection

The Resurrection was a one-time big event, but spring is a great time to focus anew on the Resurrection power of the living Christ at work in me.
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Finding My Inner Amish

It all started with the Amish friendship bread starter. Now spring has me searching for simplicity.
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Swimming in April?

I thought I was celebrating spring, not summer. But I have brave kids. Central Oregon, April 5, 4:00 p.m., 66 degrees. I’m wearing a sweater. But blue sky, bright sun, and no wind all make for swimming in April, at … Continue reading

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Hark, I hear a robin calling!

Hark, I hear a robin calling! List, the wind is from the south! And the orchard-bloom is falling Sweet as kisses on the mouth. In the dreamy vale of beeches Fair and faint is woven mist, And the river’s orient … Continue reading

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Excuse the mess

This blog is not an April Fool’s joke. Sorry about the mess up there on my header. I need my husband to fix it and he’s committed to other more critical programming projects for a few weeks, so we may … Continue reading

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