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The Anniversary

Two days after our wedding anniversary this year, my husband says to me, “Honey!! We forgot it! Again.” An even dozen deserves to be remembered. But we both are wise enough to know that the act of timely recalling a … Continue reading

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68th Carnival of Homesteading – the putting up wood edition

Welcome to the 68th Carnival of Homesteading. It’s that time of year…fall is here with a chill in the air, and winter stands at the door. We’ve been putting up wood. There is a comforting warmth of a wood fire … Continue reading

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Cat up a Tree

A few weeks ago, I found Tawny high up in a tree, meowing rather pleadingly. After spending an hour finding a ladder tall enough to reach the cat, coaxing him with soothing kitty calls and finally food, I rescued the … Continue reading

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The Child’s Inventor’s Box

Learn how to put together an “inventor’s box” for a child of any age–for science exploration and innovation! Including everything from pipe cleaners to simple circuits, we’ll explore short term and long term projects for the creative child.
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October Exploring

Our first October hike around the property began with a surprise greeting from this rust-colored fast-crawling spider. If the image is fuzzy, it’s because my hand was shaking a bit as I took the photograph. I’m not a big arachnid … Continue reading

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Looking up the Exhaust Pipe

What does one do when her life feels like she’s looking right into the exhaust pipe, ingesting toxic fumes? When I took this cute picture of our cat a few days ago, these reflections were far from my mind. I … Continue reading

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