German Homeschooling Ban Comes to Blog Talk Radio Tomorrow!

homeschooltalkIf you’re following the crisis in Germany regarding that country’s ban on homeschooling, you may be interested in tuning in tomorrow to the new BlogTalkRadio Homeschool Show, live at 1 p.m. Central Time, Monday, July 21 (follow that link). You can listen to the archive after the show if you’re unavailable at that time.

This new Home School Talk radio show is hosted by Dana of Principled Discovery, who has written extensively about the homeschooling situation in Germany. The guest tomorrow is Rina, an Irish woman who homeschooled her children in Germany for a period and faced constant harassment from German authorities. Rina kept a blog updated through Dec. ’07 if you’d like to follow some of her saga there, as well as stories of many other German homeschoolers who dealt with similar harassment, fines, criminal penalties, loss of custody of children, and jail – just for homeschooling. Also a great source of updated information on German homeschooling is Kinderlehrer’s blog, Educating Germany, dedicated solely to this issue.

Whether you’re a homeschooler or not, I’d encourage anyone who cares about basic human rights, parental rights, educational choice, and living in a free and democratic society, to tune in and educate yourself on this issue. If you’re not able to listen live, but have a question, comment, or encouragement for Rina, consider emailing Dana with your thoughts to pass on to her guest.

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7 Responses to German Homeschooling Ban Comes to Blog Talk Radio Tomorrow!

  1. Veggie Mom says:

    I’ll be listening! And I’ll ask Aunt Julie if we can have a closeup of that doggy pj pattern–it’s pretty funny! And, yes, I have my “quirks,” but Auntie J. is so much funnier! :)

  2. Amy deanne says:

    wow. sounds interesting. I’ve heard a couple different places banning homeschooling. thanks for the link!

  3. Jen says:

    Veggie Mom, thanks for tuning in, it’s sure to be very informative.

    Amy deanne, I’m glad you stopped by. I tend to think, in my little world, that everyone must already know about Germany’s ban on homeschooling, but not so. Spread the word! I’m looking forward to listening to the broadcast and hearing from “the horse’s mouth” so to speak.

  4. Veggie Mom says:

    BTW, I’m hosting another Great Pop’rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie is planning a rehearsal dinner in honor of Big Bear and Little Red’s upcoming wedding, and she needs your help! Please join the fun tomorrow on my blog, by helping Aunt Julie out!!

  5. Tipper says:

    Unbelievable! I haven’t heard one word about this. Looks like it would be all over the news.

  6. Dana says:

    Hey…just wanted to let you know that the link to the show will be dead. I edited out the dead air and here is the correct link

  7. Jen says:

    Dana, thanks, I fixed the link. By the way, did I hear you say “another one on the way”?? If so, congratulations!!

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