Works For Me: Keeping Coffee Hot (without a microwave)

Coffee MugIf you recall, there are two obstacles for me to overcome regarding my ability to drink hot coffee: 1) I have no microwave to reheat my coffee; and 2) I refuse to drink out of plastic or cardboard – you know the travel mugs with lids that make me feel like a toddler drinking out of a sippy cup. I have plenty of sippy cups around if I wanted to go that route, but I’m a grown-up, and I want to drink coffee like a grown-up. And then there’s the residue of plastic flavor mingled in with what should be pure dark French roast or a robust Sumatra; I have overly-discerning taste buds.

When I’m at home in the morning, which is just about always, I make a pot of coffee – or, like this morning, my husband does – and we take simple pleasure in that morning cup of coffee. Grinding the beans, listening to the gurgles of the coffee pot as it labors for us, smelling the first aroma of the fresh brew, and finally, drinking out of a nice ceramic or china mug. This ordinary and basic routine is comforting.

And here’s my tip for drinking a hot cup of coffee to the end, sans microwave or lidded travel cup: I pour HOT water into our coffee mugs of choice, and let them sit for a few minutes. This gets the ceramic all toasty warm…so that when I pour our coffee into the mugs, the coffee isn’t expending all of its heat energy into the walls of a cold mug, and can instead just sit and relax in its warm surroundings. You won’t believe how this already warm mug extends the life of your hot coffee! No microwave, no lids, no problem.

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12 Responses to Works For Me: Keeping Coffee Hot (without a microwave)

  1. MooBeeMa says:

    What a great idea! I’m gonna try that one.

  2. Jen says:

    MooBeeMa, my husband thought I was a little neurotic about my coffee drinking habits, but I’ve won him over! I used to put the mugs in the oven for a few minutes on low heat, and that works great unless you want to actually pick the mug up (the HANDLE gets extremely hot in the oven).

  3. heather says:

    We do have a microwave, sigh, and my husband lets his coffee get cold over and over and used to reheat it (on high for 5 minutes because he would just turn the switch and walk away and then return to boiled coffee–silly guy.) However, we received a blessing in disguise this year–my step-grandparent-inlaws don’t know us very well and bought us a candle and candle warmer for Christmas. We don’t do scented things due to Rachel’s severe allergies and I almost put both in the thrift shop bin. Then my husband caught sight of the candle warmer. He fished it out and now uses it to keep his coffee warm on his desk so that when he forgets about it and wanders off it is still warm. :) (It is not as hot as a coffee cup warmer which they do sell but it was a free gift and it works for him.:)

  4. Kathleen says:

    I do this too and it’s a great tip.

  5. e-Mom says:

    Lol, warming the cup! Brilliant idea. We Canucks (expat here) warm the teapot beforehand the same way when steeping a pot of tea. My mother also taught me to warm dinner plates in the oven (low, 200) before dinner parties. (I wonder if our guests ever notice?)


  6. Great tip! I’m a coffee addict, so I’ll be sure to try this out.

  7. Erica says:

    You’re not the only one that does this, but I sure wish I’d read this long ago! We always warm up our carafe with hot water, but only recently did it occur to me to warm up my mug as well. We’re a little obsessive about coffee here, too, and the thought of reheated coffee is awful to me. Especially when I’ve taken the time to freshly grind the beans, and measure everything perfectly.

  8. mrs darling says:

    I have a mini hotplate at my desk. Its made for coffee warming.

  9. I use a French Press instead of a coffee maker. I then transfer it over to a metal thermos.

    I can keep coffee warm for a very long time.

  10. Jen says:

    Heather, and Mrs. Darling, mini hotplates or candle warmers – totally something I should get! I do tend to set my coffee cup on the griddle while I make pancakes in the morning!

    Kathleen and e-Mom, great Canadians (and former Canadians) think alike! Glad you both liked this.

    CC, Tonggu Momma and Erica, thanks. Coffee lovers everywhere should appreciate the idea.

    econ grad student, I LOVE French press coffee. That’s all I drank for a season. I’m not sure I could drink it out of a metal thermos all the time, though.

  11. avocado says:

    Good tips! I might try this. Thanks :)

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