Grapes of Abundance: 13 Thoughts

GrapesI had another striking dream last night. It was a very short segment. I seemed to be in a vineyard, watching. I saw in front of me my husband’s large hand, holding a great cluster of grapes, of such mass that it weighed down his hand. The grapes were plump, deep purple, and beautiful. I clearly heard the word “abundance.” To my right, I noticed my husband’s younger brother reaching into a bag, perhaps burlap, and he said with amazement, “there is so much, I can’t seem to pull them all up.” I observed the brother as his hand stretched out to take hold of more bunches of grapes, and there seemed to be no end to them. Abundance. That was the whole of the dream. I don’t know the fullness of the meaning of this dream, but here are 13 thoughts (for the Thursday Thirteen meme) I have of the possibilities – perhaps one or another of these may capture the significance of the dream.

1. I should expect God’s provision. We are trying to wrap up our house project, and there is the stress and strain of all the elements of time, money, and labor having the essential collaboration and timing. I will trust in His abundant supply. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, he clothes the flowers, and consider the birds…

2. Aside from raw supplies, I can trust God to provide for my spiritual needs, in abundance! His Joy, Peace, Comfort, Eternal Security, and so much more. I can’t live without these resources. I woke up feeling very spiritually at rest, a contrast from the past month of intense worry and anxiety.

3. It’s interesting that the first immense cluster of grapes I saw was in my husband’s strong hand. As the main financial provider and spiritual head of our household, this makes sense. I had a fleeting thought in my dream of “I don’t know if I could hold up that huge bunch of grapes.” But he could.

4. My husband and I have a dream of cultivating a small vineyard on our property – the property in question. It’s interesting that the grapes appeared in my dream, as it to say, “We are coming!”

5. I did a quick search on grapes this morning, and unbelievably, I found an article titled, “Cornell Names New Wine Grape ‘Abundance.’” Can you believe? I live in Central Oregon, not exactly wine country, but there are a handful of vineyards. And this grape, ‘Abundance,’ was named for its productivity, makes a good red wine, and is disease resistance and winter hardy. Sounds exactly like what we would need to survive our harsh winters.

6. The presence of the younger brother in the dream – perhaps he has a share in this abundance, either monetary or spiritual?

7. There were grapes not only in my husband’s hand, but also in the sack the brother was reaching into, and the abundance of such was evident; this was more than we would ever use for just ourselves.

8. Grapes in the Bible symbolize charity; we have always prayed that we could be a blessing to others in significant ways.

9. The new wine that is embodied in grapes denotes a blessing. From Isaiah 65:8: Thus says the LORD: “As the new wine is found in the cluster, And one says, ‘Do not destroy it, For a blessing is in it,’ So will I do for My servants’ sake, That I may not destroy them all.”

10. Like Pharaoh’s dream of seven fat cows and seven healthy ears of grain, perhaps this dream signifies the beginning of the years of plenty, and the rest has not yet been revealed.

11. The first verse that pops into my head about abundance is this: Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34). What is in the heart is the crucial issue.

12. Along those lines of the heart, another telling scripture on abundance, from Proverbs 20:15There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing. “Lips of knowledge” speak to me of wisdom; speaking wisely, acting wisely.

13. I’m so thankful for my dreams! I love looking for the nuances, the possible meanings, and just the richness of dreams. They are sometimes common, with no meaning at all, but sometimes extraordinary and vividly colored messages from God.

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19 Responses to Grapes of Abundance: 13 Thoughts

  1. Cassie says:

    A fascinating, insightful post! I’m glad I came to visit, Happy TT!

  2. Mo says:

    great list – some interesting stuff!

  3. MamaArcher says:

    what an awesome list! Thank you so much for sharing this!! It has been a blessing to read and contemplate!

  4. Lara says:

    Beautiful reminders that we should have faith in all things! Tough to do, but we should try everyday to believe.
    great TT!

  5. SmallWorld says:

    Wonderful post. My brother and father sell grape rootstocks, btw. They are online at

  6. Comedy Plus says:

    Wow, what a dream. I hope it all comes true for you. Very well done. Have an abundant TT. :)

  7. e-Mom says:

    Wonderful, wonderful. The whole scenario reminds me of the couple in “A Year in Provence.” Have you seen it? They live in a stone farmhouse (mas) and tend a vineyard. I’ve often dreamt of doing the same in Napa Valley. :~D

    Yes, God’s abundance… I pray He provides an abundant life for you in every way.

  8. Starrlight says:

    That was a fun TT to read. Sounds you pondered that dream pretty long and hard!

  9. mandi says:

    Wow! Very cool – I love how God speaks to us in so many ways. I had a dream years ago in which I woke up knowing it was the answer to a dilemma I was having. I knew immediately that it had been straight from God. The only one I have ever had like that. It was so powerful – God used it in the process of bringing a very dear friend to Christ!

  10. Jane says:

    WOW, I am catching up on my regular reads now that I am back from holidays. Your blog looks amazing and I can see I will be learning lots- particularily about art history. I will come back to read more thoroughly!

  11. Grace says:

    What a beautiful dream..which reminds me that I haven’t dreamed in my sleep for a week now…(as far as I can remember) or maybe I just forgot once I opened my eyes?

  12. Jen says:

    Thank you, everyone who has commented so far! I’ll take the time to respond to each of you and visit your sites, as well, probably tomorrow…my sister just flew in from Michigan and I have a full day planned with her, but I always respond and always visit – I don’t want you all to think I’m being rude! God bless your weekends!!

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  14. Jeremiah says:

    This is kind of a comment but also a note of thank you. While researching the meaning of my dream I came across your blog. I typed the following in an email to myself tonight so I could recall it all in the morning. I realized this is more than 2 years after your posting but I thought it might be good to know that it still helped make an impact.Here’s the email:
    The dream I had of an open field of soft rolling hills containg 400 rubber maid containers overfilling with grapes still lingers in my head. In an effort to figure out what it means I started searching the net for the meaning of grapes. I discovered that Grapes in the bible symbolize charity.

    I went on to read a fellow christians diary page where she too had a similair dream only in more detail. In her dream she too had an ABUNDANCE of grapes.

    After a few days now the dream has still been on my mind and after reading these things I can’t help but be convinced that the dream has meaning. The only question now is what? Does it mean we should be more charitable? Does it mean that God has an abundant amount he wants to provide to us? The containers in my dream were overfilling so much that the lids were just sitting on top and couldn’t be fastened down. All the containers were blue in color but I keep thinking there was one red one among them. I’m not sure if I dreamed that or added it in with my imagination later.

    I don’t feel this was a negative dream though. I don’t feel it was a warning of some type but maybe a promise of blessings to come. It just now occurs to me that maybe the red container was the blood of Jesus. That one sacrifice, the most important one, produced endless blessings that surrounded him all to be given to me. Hmm..that sounds greedy but I do believe God wants to bless us over and over again. Maybe that red one signifies the greatest charitable gift ever given. Let’s be honest, it’s not like we ever did or can do anything to deserve that gift. So in all actuality, it is a charitable gift.

    It’s funny, as I’ve pondered on whether this dream had any real significance at all it wasn’t until I took the time to research what I seen in my dream and sit down to write about it that it really begins coming to me. Each thought is more profound and eye-opening than the next. I think what I look forward to the most is when I care share my testimony of how God fullfilled my prayers and delivered me from my hardship. Not as a testament of “look at me, look at me” but rather I had faith in our God and here is proof by my life that he is the truth and only provider we can rely on. I pray that my life with its adversities and successes will be an assett to kingdom of God and that others will see Christ through me. Amen.
    Feel free to respond to my email address directly if you like,

  15. Lynda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was seeking God this morning and He was sharing with me fro Malachi3:6-18 in particular Vs 11…..your grapes will not fall from the vine before they are ripe…” so i decided to do a quick study on bible reference to grapes and found your blog….wow it blessed me so much thank you especially the part where your husband the priest in you home was holding the bunch of grapes that weighed his hand cos there was such an abundance…come on Jesus you are the God of Abundance….Jehovah jireh….Much blessings :)

  16. Maryam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! This has been a blessing to me today! I woke up this morning on a vision of a basket full of Vineyard fruit. The grapes were so big, green and fresh! I was picking some of them and replace them in the palm of my hand. For my amazement evey time I took some grape from the basket others will be added in the empty place that I left there by God and although I was adding to the grapes that where in the palm of my hand, the palm never got full :) pondering this in the morning the Lord told me ” I will cause you to prosper in all what you do” “Prosperity” can be added to what Grapes may symbolized! God bless you for this wonderful blog!

  17. Deidre says:

    I had a vision of Jesus: I saw His face and He smile: then His feet: He said ” Follow Me”
    then a Cluster of Purple of Grapes appeared

  18. Kim Smith says:

    I am glad I found your post, I saw grapes when praying and wondered what they meant. They were a large and dark cluster of grapes. We are also struggling with stress about financial provision right now. Awhile back God gave me the word abundance. All fits together. Thanks for posting. I also saw in a study that it means charity and this is something I would love to be free to do at some point.

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