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That Contest and Some Links

Thanks to everyone who has entered my Super Bowl Giveaway of NFL auto accessories! Go HERE to enter, you have until this Saturday. Just leave a comment to enter, and read the post for details. Be sure to visit the … Continue reading

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Works For Me: Faith

Welcome to another edition of Works For Me Wednesday – see the complete list of entries HERE. What works for me is Faith. Have you tried it? It moves mountains, heals sickness, and changes lives. Sounds too good to be … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLII Giveaway: Auto Accessories

Super Bowl XLII is set for February 3, 2008 in Arizona, a showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots!! Diary of 1 and TeamMASCOT are hosting another giveaway right here, right now, in honor of this … Continue reading

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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Old-fashioned

The theme this week is old-fashioned. When guests visit, the first comment is usually about these desks. I have a set of three that are situated to one side of the dining room. “Where did you get these?” is the … Continue reading

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Notes About Nothing

My husband has the flu. It’s the kind that lays flat a grown man and reduces him to moaning, groaning, and begging for chicken noodle soup. My mother, for her part, is heard in the background, insisting that garlic will … Continue reading

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Works for Me Wednesday: Healthy Deodorant

I’m not one to go around talking about underarm hygiene habits. But here goes. I finally found a deodorant I really like. It’s Crystal Body Deodorant Spray, and if you can read the label there, significant to my armpit health … Continue reading

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Disturbing images to stop the whining?

Am I just a twisted mother to do such a thing? My son had been whiiinnnning all morning about doing his math. With no apologies, I told him he simply must learn how to do subtraction with renaming. It’s an … Continue reading

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Carnival of Family Life: Well-Read Life Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Family Life: Well-Read Life Edition. Read in order to Live. –Gustave Flaubert Don’t we all wish we had more time to read? While no one can escape the bounds of time, there are some tools … Continue reading

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Electoral Compass: What’s Your Position?

My sister just emailed me a link to Electoral Compass – it’s a very handy quiz, with only 36 questions, to analyze how you align with each political candidate for the U.S. Presidential Election of 2008. Respond to each query, … Continue reading

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Christian Carnival: Renaissance Edition

Welcome to the 207th Christian Carnival, the Renaissance Edition! Renaissance comes from the French, meaning “rebirth.” What a fitting word for a Christian! This period of European history spanned roughly from the 14th-17th centuries, but the 15th and 16th centuries … Continue reading

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Will You Submit?

Oh, that sounds like a loaded question in the world of Christian doctrine. But it’s really quite simple: do you have a post to submit to the Christian Carnival? If so, submit it HERE by midnight tonight (Pacific Time will … Continue reading

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I Really Like Homeschooling, I Just Want Someone Else to Do It For Me

There are days, there are seasons to be sure, when a homeschooling parent has a tough spell. After spending a week investigating a local fine arts charter school, a private Christian school, and homeschool co-op options, I’m back to where … Continue reading

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A Peanut Butter Tale

“Can I have anuvver peanut butter san’wich, Mom?” I look and see the half-eaten sandwich on his plate, the fourth one today. “But,” I protest, “you haven’t eaten all of that one!” His wide sky-blue eyes, full of a three-year-old’s … Continue reading

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On My Wall

Do you have a favorite picture or wall hanging? Can I see it? Here is my current favorite, gracing a short wall in my bedroom. Don’t we need to always be mindful of these words from 1 Corinthians 13, especially … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen: In My Purse

Can you tell a lot about a girl by what’s in her purse? I don’t know, but here are thirteen things currently in my purse. I’ll pull them out in random order, and let’s see what will be revealed about … Continue reading

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Works for Me Wednesday: Shortening’s not just for Cooking

Spectrum Naturals makes a vegetable shortening from organic palm oil. It’s a healthy alternative to traditional shortening and makes the flakiest, yummiest pie crusts. Its resume is impressive: no hydrogenated oils, trans-fat free, 100 percent certified organic expeller-pressed palm fruit … Continue reading

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Winter Carnivals

I have a few blog carnivals to update here, but I also discovered several Winter Carnivals around the world that look fabulously winterish and I wish I could attend them all! There’s the oldest running winter carnival in the Eastern … Continue reading

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No guns, oh, and no free speech on public transit

The Texas woman who was kicked off the Forth Worth, Texas public transportation system “T” bus this past Saturday – was she concealing a weapon, endangering passengers with violent behavior, or selling drugs? No, she was reading her Bible to … Continue reading

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