Rockies, I Have Hope; and a Giveaway!

Colorado RockiesBoston Red SoxThe World Series 2007 is underway, pitting the unlikely Colorado Rockies against the legendary Boston Red Sox. Two games into the series, and the Rockies are 0 for 2. For those of you who love to root for the underdog, you’ll understand my perhaps preposterous notion that the Colorado Rockies will win the World Series. Jayson Stark at ESPN said it first; while I don’t know if he continues to hold that position (Rockies win in six), I agree, except I think it will be won in seven.

I haven’t told my readers this yet, but I have a sports blog I started recently, and you can read my first post on the Rockies here, before they won the National League Championship, then here after sweeping the NL Series. You’ll read about a series of unlikely events that propelled the nearly unknown Rockies to the world stage; now the start of the World Series looks instead like a series of unfortunate events. But I have hope, speculative as it may be!

There’s the Coors Field advantage and the Colorado Rockies magic, and that’s what I hang my hope on. The advantage is not the beer, it’s the altitude, and the magic is a club that’s played together with one of the greatest team spirits in the leagues, doing the impossible at every turn.

While the thin air in Coors Field makes for long hits for both the Rockies and the Red Sox, it’s the seasoned Colorado pitcher who knows that his ball won’t get the same break who will most benefit in the next three games. And then I keep hearing about the spacious outfield – apparently it’s big? So, maybe lots of running for those non-acclimatized Red Sox who will be huffing and puffing.

And, oh, just to be home! I quoted another stanza of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High in my previous post, but this time, the first four lines seem most appropriate:

He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Comin’ home to a place he’d never been before
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
You might say he found a key for every door

Let’s watch the Colorado Rockies be born again, and while I wrote earlier about the spiritual sense of that, I believe a new team will emerge back at Coors Field. The Rockies surely are coming home to a place they know well, but have absolutely never been before. I just read an article by Howard Bryant at ESPN, and I got another giant boost of optimism when I came across this bit of history about the Pittsburgh Pirates:

In 1960, the Pittsburgh Pirates lost World Series games to the Yankees by 16-3, 10-0 and 12-0 but won the Series in seven games, the last 10-9 on Bill Mazeroski’s famous Series-ending home run.

Oh, yes, it can be done! Stay tuned for Game 3 of the 2007 World Series on Saturday night.


Do I have any Rockies fans out there?? For you bloggers who can’t get enough of the Colorado Rockies, here’s a free giveaway for you!

Colorado Rockies Stainless Steel Coffee MugI have a gorgeous (free) Colorado Rockies stainless steel coffee mug for you! Here is how you can enter this Blog Give Away:

You must have a blog or website and write a piece (doesn’t have to be long) about the Colorado Rockies. Anything – funny, serious, satirical, or how you think I’m a nut to believe the Rockies have a chance in this Series. Be sure to include a link to this blog post, as well as a link to the Colorado Rockies stainless steel coffee mug at This is our family business and I’ll pack it up myself for you! Leave me a comment here as well so I don’t miss your post, and so I can reply to you when you win.

I’ll keep this contest open until Friday, November 2, by which point the Colorado Rockies will have won the 2007 World Series! I’ll do a drawing for the winning entry on that date.


musicIt’s Colorado Rocky Mountain High…I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky…

Humidifying Secrets From Coors Field

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