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Expectations and Contentment

I was thinking of the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) a few days ago. For some reason, it came to mind as I sat with a friend discussing our lives as mothers, and I thought of … Continue reading

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Surviving Without a Microwave

Kitchen life has been unfolding at a slower pace these days. When we sold our house over a year ago, the microwave went with it. We jumped right into RV life where microwave use was hampered by the fact that … Continue reading

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Have you read?

Yes, my carnival round-up again. The Christian Carnival at Parableman. And another one tomorrow at Chasing the Wind. I like the post by Light Along the Journey – Enlarging My Soul. It was great to be reminded of the hymn … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Son

I like my new bike and helmet, Mommy and Daddy! And thank you, big brother, for teaching me how to work my new car.

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Deals with the Devil

The Taliban released two female hostages on Monday, the Korea Times reported. There remain 19 South Korean hostages, 16 of whom are women. The Taliban have backed off somewhat on their demand for a prisoner swap, now demanding ransom – … Continue reading

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Planning for the Disorganized Slack

How are you? Have you been busy? Of course. Me, too. The long hot days are winding down, and the last of my summer guests is leaving tomorrow. My thoughts are turning toward fall, which for many of us with … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Frog Races

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Deschutes County Fair

Here’s a mini-album of our county fair experience this year. This is the 88th Deschutes County Fair, and before that it was known as the Annual Potato Show – apparently potato farming was quite popular around here. The kids are … Continue reading

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Taliban Murderers

I noticed a CNN story from July 22, in which a Taliban spokesman said that talks with South Korea over the fate of the 23 volunteer [Christian] aid workers were progressing well, and “the situation will be solved peacefully.” These … Continue reading

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Carnival, early August

It’s the height of county fair time, and we’re heading over to ours tomorrow. For now, here’s some carnivals to visit: The Carnival of Homeschooling (physical edition) is flying high over at Mom is Teaching. I enjoyed the post on … Continue reading

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