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The Foundation of Marriage

I’m not qualified to give advice on marriage, but if I did have a qualification to speak on it, it would be only that I am married and have some experience with the thing. I’ve seen marriages around me crumble, … Continue reading

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Potty Training the Beguiler

I’ve been through the training three times before. But this child is different. Our conversation this morning: Mommy: Let’s sit on the potty. Child (2 yrs): Nope, I do diaper! My enchanting little chubby-thighed boy…with a beguiling smile that causes … Continue reading

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Melissa’s Birthday Cake

I promised to post a picture of our birthday cake for Melissa, and here it is! Sixteen candles, and I hope it was truly a sweet sixteen after such an ordeal. Melissa, you are a brave young lady, and your … Continue reading

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Carnival of Homeschooling – Bee Edition

Come and see, come and see – not only bees, but tons of great homeschool and education articles! This is the bee’s knees! Sprittibee is hosting Week 69 of the Carnival of Homeschooling with a fun Bee theme!

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Welcome Home, Melissa and Happy Birthday!

Wow, I was so thrilled to read the news that Melissa Busekros is now back home with her family in Erlangen, Germany! Today is her 16th birthday, giving her some rights that she previously did not possess. The Youth Welfare … Continue reading

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I Think

Je pense, donc je suis. Rene Descartes expressed this idea, and I will now declare: I have received a Thinking Blogger Award, Therefore I Am. Thanks, Jane at Halfmoon Happenings for the tag. I am to reply by nominating five … Continue reading

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In Memory: On the Threshold

It’s been a very painful week. Today, Friday, April 20, 2007, has been marked as a day of mourning for the 32 victims of the massacre at Virginia Tech. In memory, here is a poem by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) called … Continue reading

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Praying for Blacksburg

My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to Virginia Tech families of the murdered and wounded, and to the entire student body, the faculty, the town of Blacksburg, and the state of Virginia. Psalm 23 A psalm of David. 1 … Continue reading

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Puppy love

My husband called yesterday afternoon and said, don’t put L. (2 yr. old) in bed yet, I have a surprise for him. I was sure he had a new bike for the little guy–well, I seriously about fell over when … Continue reading

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Sans Souci Way

With April being National Poetry Month, I’ll continue to highlight some poetic pieces, mostly drawing from the expansive creativity of my own family. My cousin, Dick Smith, wrote this beautiful piece I’m featuring here. I was missing Michigan today, so … Continue reading

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Top Five Reasons I Shop at Goodwill

My friends know I’m a long-time Goodwill shopper. Hey, everyone loves a bargain, but I thought I’d share my motivation. When springtime hits, like no other season do I want some new outfits! Goodwill, here I come. TOP 5 REASONS … Continue reading

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Carnival of Education is here: Week 114

The Education Wonks is hosting this week’s Carnival of Education – there are some great entries from around the EduSphere! Next Week’s Carnival midway will be hosted by Dan over at DY/DAN. Contributors are invited to send submissions to: dan … Continue reading

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College bound for Motherhood?

This is my tired little 5 year old who’s so smart she does appear to learn through osmosis – she’ll wake up from this knowing the capital of every state. But really, she asked me a very interesting question today: … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer executed today in 1945

Monday, April 9 – today’s date – in 1945, was the morning of the hanging of Dietrich Bonhoeffer at the Flossenburg Concentration Camp. German pastor, writer, dissident, and martyr. A great force behind the German Resistance to Hitler’s Nazi regime. … Continue reading

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Good Friday

“Stay, don’t go,” is what my heart would want to say. But it’s the Father’s will, and today, I’m so grateful beyond understanding (I can never know all He suffered) for the sacrifice over 2000 years ago. The crucifixion of … Continue reading

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Britons back home, Happy Easter! But why?

Billed as an Easter gift, the Iranian government released the 15 British sailors and marines, and they have arrived on their beloved home soil in time for Good Friday services and the Easter celebration. When I heard the news of … Continue reading

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Lilium longiflorum

Ahh, the lovely Easter lily has arrived! I got mine today and just admired its stark white beauty and trumpet-shaped flowers, and my heart rejoiced in the symbolism of resurrection life. Here it is, that white-robed apostle of hope, on … Continue reading

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Nor the arrow that flies by day

I’ve found myself struggling with fear lately. What a wretched thing fear is. I’ve taken the offensive and have been speaking God’s words to keep my mind set on Truth. So, I’ve got scriptures pasted all over the place to … Continue reading

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