Saving up for the tooth fairy

I don’t know where he got the idea, but as of this morning, my seven year old son now has three teeth saved up for the tooth fairy, in hopes of getting a bigger prize. I am quite clueless on the tooth fairy thing, because I didn’t grow up with this particular fairy. I do think she must be a deranged little sprite for collecting teeth, some bloodied, some rotten, some stained. What does she do with them, my son wants to know. My daughter heard that she builds her castle with the pearly whites.

At any rate, what’s the rate? I mean, what’s the tooth fairy paying these days, I *must* know. Is there a limit on the number of teeth she can carry at once? Three, four, five? I guess she must have a bank somewhere to get all the money she leaves the expectant, gap-filled little children.

This is all too bizarre for me.

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  1. Heather Jones says:

    The tooth fairy in my house is of the male persuasion; (as he grew up with this tradition)…. the current rate in these parts depends on the tooth. A first and last baby tooth rates pretty high (“he” sometimes leaves a coveted new DVD or game for these). Cavities get NOTHING, and those in between get about $1.00 / tooth. I never heard of the ‘saving up for a big prize’ theory; I’d tell the little guy that seeing as how these fairies are so tiny she (or he) can only pick up one at a time ~ the androgynous fairy also cannot carry large gifts! Or maybe the little fairies only like “fresh” teeth…. who knows….

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